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Successful leaders motivate, influence and persuade. Whether you’re seeking to sharpen your leadership communication skills or confronting a specific business challenge, we can help you lead with confidence. We listen and strategize with you to identify the most effective way to communicate your vision and strategy and influence all key stakeholders.

Case Studies

  • A first-time CEO sought Blake Works’ counsel to help transition into the role. They regularly strategized about aligning the leadership team around her strategy and driving the company's success through building an accountable, high-performing culture.


  • A CEO worked with Blake Works to align his leadership team. They successfully strategized  to  build greater cross-functional collaboration and more honest, consistent communication throughout the organization.


  • A CEO engaged Blake Works as he led his company through a challenging financial period. Jeanne advised him on how to handle delicate employee conversations around the changing business and the downsizing of the workforce.

  • A first-time CEO turned to Blake Works to strengthen and hone the skills he needed to engage, motivate and align his leadership team and create a culture of accountability.


  • A senior scientist was frustrated he was passed over for an expected promotion. His boss told Jeanne: “He’s brilliant, but so lacking in presence that he’s nearly invisible.”Jeanne worked with the scientist on the nuances of verbal and non-verbal communication, videotaping and critiquing the sessions. His progress was speedy and impressive. A few months later, he was promoted to his dream job. “Simply put,” he said, “I was blind and now I see.”


“I loved working with Jeanne Blake. She is an outstanding executive coach and professional, who is full of insights and conversant with the world of medicine and science. She is enthusiastic, energetic, and thoughtful, and has an uncanny ability to push you to do your very best in a positive and encouraging manner. This helped me hone skills and develop new ones where lacking, while respecting my autonomy and refining my own style.”

Jose Florez, MD, PhD

Mass General Hospital

Harvard Medical School

Broad Institute

“As an executive coach, Jeanne brings extraordinary insight, skills and organizational savvy to her work. She is not afraid to push her clients out of their comfort zones, which has resulted in visible professional growth among our leaders. Jeanne is results oriented and her work with our organization is highly regarded.”

VP of Human Resources
Leading Healthcare Company

“By working with Jeanne I've developed into a calm, thoughtful leader. She taught me to lead, to listen and to hold people accountable.”

Healthcare Company

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