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Successful leaders continually engage and inspire. In our interactive trainings you’ll learn evidence-based strategies you can use to engage, motivate and influence key stakeholders. We offer all our trainings remotely. (See case studies and testimonials below.)

Key Behaviors of Effective Leaders

Successful leaders continually motivate and inspire. This interactive multimedia training is based on conversations with dozens of C-suite executives, interviews with world renowned behavioral psychology experts, and the findings of Blake Works' national survey of leaders. You'll learn the science behind key behaviors that will help you build a healthy, high-performing, accountable culture.

The Power of Storytelling

Effective leaders are highly skilled storytellers. In this interactive training you'll learn the science behind using stories rich in imagery to engage and move internal and external audiences - of all sizes - to action. You'll also learn key skills that will help you deliver your story with impact.

The Stress Response

Surveys from leading organizations confirm high levels of stress in the workplace. This was true prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has significantly impacted and worsened the mental health of millions of Americans. The impact of stress on  work performance is undisputed. It decreases employee motivation and performance, increases errors, and lowers the quality of one’s work, which contributes to higher staff turnover and absenteeism. Clearly, stress hits a company’s bottom line. This interactive, multimedia training includes leading mental health experts who explain the science behind the stress response. This understanding helps increase participants' awareness of their own stress and that of colleagues – and increases levels of support and empathy. Participants learn evidence-based strategies for managing stress and shifting to healthier responses. Includes breakout sessions.

Deepening Trust to Strengthen Relationships: How Connections Drive Success

Trust among team members is vital in high-performing organizations. And it's enhanced when team members know each other on a personal level. This is especially challenging when working virtually. This two-hour interactive training is designed to increase a sense of connection and trust among team members and thereby increase teams’ capacity for collaboration. You'll hear from leading behavioral psychology experts who explain the science of connection. Includes breakout sessions.

Mastering the Art of High-Impact Presentations

In this interactive training you'll gain skills you need to connect with and influence key stakeholders. You'll learn about the science of influencing and persuading and how to deliver your company story to audiences of every size with ease and confidence.

Under Fire: Answering Challenging Questions

Uncertainty about handling challenging questions following a high-stakes presentation is often anxiety-producing. In this interactive training you’ll learn proven strategies for preparing for and responding successfully to tough questions from all audiences.

Mastering Your Virtual Meetings

Connecting with key stakeholders in remote meetings is more challenging than in-person meetings. In this training, you'll learn the science behind these challenges and how to maximize your online interactions.

Media Training

Our customized training will dramatically change your comfort and effectiveness with all media. This training helps you create clear, concise messaging and maximize your media presence.

Case Studies

  • A global pharmaceutical company was committed to fostering a psychologically safe culture. As part of its comprehensive effort, Blake Works conducted its three-module training, Key Behaviors of Effective Leaders.

  • A venture capital company engaged Blake Works to conduct a series of its training The Power of Storytelling for leaders of its portfolio companies. The interactive training explores the science of storytelling in effort to motivate, influence and persuade both internal and external audiences of all sizes.

  • A global engineering company engaged Blake Works to conduct its training Key Behaviors for Effective Leaders. The company was committed to enhancing its leadership team members’ ability to motivate and influence all key stakeholders, internally and externally.

  • A rapidly growing biotech start-up engaged Blake Works to create and facilitate a company offsite aimed at enhancing communication across the organization and strengthening relationships and trust among members of its executive leadership team.  

  • A biotech start-up engaged Blake Works to prepare for investor meetings. Jeanne worked with individuals to enhance their confidence and improve their ability to answer questions under fire. She worked with the group to “choreograph” their presentations and to streamline their slide deck.

  • Jeanne was engaged to prepare a team for a major client presentation. In an earlier presentation, the team flopped before the same client, appearing disorganized. Blake Works videotaped and critiqued team members’ presentations and simplified slide decks. They rehearsed presenting as a cohesive team. After their next presentation, a few days later, the client said it was the team’s “best presentation ever.”

  • A drug developed by a global pharmaceutical company was about to be approved by the FDA. Jeanne conducted media training via WebEx with a team of scientists in Europe as they prepared to meet the press. In addition to messaging sessions and individual critiques, Jeanne’s training included a strategy for answering the most challenging questions. Two days later, she trained their U.S. counterparts for the same launch.


“Thank you for organizing and moderating today's training, Key Behaviors of Effective Leaders. To be quite honest, I found it to be remarkable. This is one of the most candid, sincere, and meaningful exchanges I have had with a group of colleagues. It certainly was not just a workshop on communication, psychological safety, and empathy. Rather, it was an experience of all of those things.”


Pharmaceutical company

“This [Key Behaviors of Effective Leaders] was a GREAT conversation. It was amazing. It was so reflective of what is actually happening inside of people right now.”


Biotech company

Key Behaviors of Effective Leaders was a wonderful experience. I gained so much insight. You did a wonderful job facilitating the session. Everyone enjoyed it. It was one of the best workshops in which I have ever participated.”


Biotech company

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