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Jeanne is an accomplished public speaker. Her interactive multi-media keynote presentations engage audiences with scientifically proven strategies for how to connect with, motivate and persuade key stakeholders. She also facilitates corporate offsites with clear focus, tact and diplomacy.  

Case Studies

  • The Boston Club, New England’s largest organization of executive and professional women, engaged Jeanne to facilitate a conversation about fostering resilience in the pandemic. Jeanne and Dr. Amy Gagliardi, a psychiatrist at McLean Hospital, discussed evidence-based practices that contribute to building a high-performing culture.


  • Jeanne delivered her popular keynote presentation Connecting to Influence to Nvidia's annual national sales meeting. This interactive presentation addresses the science behind building trust with and persuading key audiences.


  • Jeanne delivered her keynote presentation Time to Connect to the Massachusetts Medical Society. This interactive talk addresses how maintaining and nurturing human connection in a distracted 24/7 world helps build high-performing teams and drives success.


  • A biotech company engaged Jeanne to facilitate a an off-site in which employees identified goals crucial to the company’s success, and how to align as a team to accomplish them.


  • The president of a healthcare company turned to Jeanne for a new approach to the company’s annual off-site. Jeanne conducted a series of interviews with leaders and led highly spirited Q-and-A sessions with the audience.


  • A trade organization enlisted Jeanne to moderate the closing plenary of a two-day conference. Jeanne conducted dais interviews of three CEOs about leading challenges and opportunities in their industry.


  • Jeanne has conducted a series of interviews with CEOs in workplace Town Hall settings. This technique is a highly effective way for CEOs to share strategy and vision in a style that is more personal and engaging than a routine podium speech.


  • Jeanne conducted a far-reaching interview with then candidate-for-Governor Charlie Baker at Women for Baker event.



"Jeanne Blake delivered a fascinating presentation, Connecting to Influence, to our national sales team. She offered thoughtful insights about how to connect and build trust - based on her deep experience in leadership communication. We learned many proven strategies that will help us be more effective in supporting our customers and partners."

Rima Alameddine

VP, Enterprise Sales


"Jeanne Blake was the keynote speaker at our very successful annual employee Town Hall. Her presentation, Time to Connect: The Problem with Being Crazy Busy, focused on technology's impact on employee creativity and relationships. She engaged us with scientific research, video and humorous insights. It's always a pleasure to work with Jeanne!"

Corinne Broderick,

Executive VP
Massachusetts Medical Society

"Jeanne Blake is a gifted and talented communicator. She expertly facilitated a series of challenging panel discussions on concussions. Jeanne moderated the discussion with poise and intelligence enabling all viewpoints to be heard and respected.”

Belinda Lerner

Vice President
National Football League

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