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Kids' Mental Health: Lessons from the Pandemic

Families and kids have weathered the pandemic's worst days and months. Now, instead of trying to forget this once-in-a-lifetime experience, they need to recognize the skills and strengths that carried them through. Parents, and other trusted adults, have an opportunity to use this moment to equip kids to deal with future challenges.

We can help. The children, parents and Harvard experts in our program provide guidance, strategies and useful words you can use to have resilience-building conversations about stresses kids face growing up — from day-to-day personal challenges to global crises.

“Kids’ Mental Health: Lessons from the Pandemic is a valuable resource for all employees. It offers strategies for responding to kids’ needs. When family stress is reduced, parents can be more present and focused at work. The videos offer employees without children a clearer understanding of the challenges facing parents, creating more supportive colleagues and managers. We can all have a positive impact on the children in our lives.”  

Cheryl R. Blanchard, Ph.D.

President, CEO

Anika Therapeutics

To access the program free of charge visit

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