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The Pandemic and Kids' Mental Health

Ways to Use The Pandemic and Kids' Mental Health

We are delighted that many families have benefited from our program. Here are some of the ways our program is being used: 

Companies offer our program to employees and host “watch parties.” Employees view a video together and candidly discuss their experiences raising children and teens.

  • Biotech company employees candidly shared their pandemic experiences after watching a segment of our program. When a mom described life in the pandemic with her six-year-old, a colleague acknowledged her struggles. The mom later said she felt validated, and since, is more motivated and engaged at work.


  • The Chief Talent and Equity Officer of a law firm said the program is a valuable resource for attorneys and staff that provides practical guidance to use in the pandemic and across the parenting journey.


Schools offer our program to faculty, staff, and school communities. They host “watch parties,” which include dynamic group discussion about responding to the needs of their children and of students.

  • The principal of one school says the hopefulness of our program inspired their school community’s families to share their own experiences at “watch parties” featuring the videos. Families gained tools they can use to support children now and in the future.


  • The Director of Counseling at a middle school showed our Preteen video to students who were inspired to offer this guidance to parents: “Validate our feelings,” they said, “Don’t try to protect us by sugarcoating the pandemic experience.”


Parents view and discuss our program with a spouse or partner, friends, or their children.

  • A father of three watched The Pandemic and Kids' Mental Health and felt relieved to learn that other families faced similar challenges to his own. Using the strategies for talking with kids he found that simple conversations help allay his daughter’s anxiety.


  • A mom watched the Teen video with her 12-year-old son who responded, “Wow, I'm so glad somebody finally understands me.” The mom was stunned – she thought she and her son were communicating well. She dug deeper into how her son and three other children felt. As a result, she listens more intently, and her children share more openly.

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