The Pandemic and Kids' Mental Health

“We’ve truly appreciated the opportunity to share Blake Works’ program with our attorneys and staff. This valuable resource has provided them with practical guidance that can be applied in our current circumstance and across the parenting journey.”

Kristin Leary

Chief Talent & Equity Officer

Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP

The Pandemic and Kids' Mental Health

Experts say the long-term effects of the pandemic on children will depend on how parents and communities choose to support them. That’s why Blake Works created The Pandemic and Kids Mental Health. It includes three 20-minute videos in which families describe challenges they’re facing. Mental health experts offer guidance for building resilience and supporting children. The accompanying Tips and Strategies reinforce key messages. Quick Takes interviews address the evolving pandemic.


Our advisor, Dr. Paula K. Rauch, a child psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital, says we can build children’s resilience by helping them create a narrative about this difficult time. “By discussing what was hard and the lessons learned throughout the pandemic, children can better understand their experiences,” she says. “This increases their ability to face adversity and their empathy toward others.”


As an honorary trustee of McLean Hospital – Harvard's largest psychiatric teaching hospital – I hear about the dramatic increase in demand for care. In my role as leadership advisor, clients describe the stress of juggling work and family responsibilities and, often, the challenge of finding mental health care for a child. In conversations about our program in companies and schools, I observe parents gaining insight and skills they need to help create the narrative encouraged by Dr. Rauch. (Ways to use our program)


Massachusetts Secretary of Health and Human Services Marylou Sudders says this about Blake Works’ program: “I really worry for kids. Your program is an opportunity to talk about resilience.”

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What Leaders are Saying About The Pandemic and Kids' Mental Health

These videos are must-viewing for all employees. They offer strategies for responding to kids’ needs. When family stress is reduced, parents can be more present and focused at work. These videos offer employees without children a clearer understanding of the challenges facing parents, creating more supportive colleagues and managers. We can all have a positive impact on the children in our lives.”  

Cheryl R. Blanchard, Ph.D.

President, CEO

Anika Therapeutics

“Since the start of the pandemic, the City of Revere has been in emergency response mode. As we look back on the last year and a half, we must pause and reflect on the mental health impact our community is facing and determine what measures we can take to address it. As leaders we must combat the mental health toll this pandemic has spotlighted – it is integral to our recovery efforts. Blake Works' program is one tool that we are using in this important process.”

Mayor Brian Arrigo

City of Revere, Massachusetts


“The videos in The Pandemic and Kids Mental Health offer all adults the language and context they need to support kids throughout the year. It’s particularly digestible information.” 

Casey Ngo-Miller

Deputy Superintendent for Student Services

The Public Schools of Brookline

Blake Works’ program is a powerful catalyst for talking with kids. It’s critically important for children to discuss emotions and issues that arose during the pandemic. Left unprocessed, these feelings can lead to significant  long-term issues. We can all benefit from the guidance offered in this program.” 

Herb W. Levine, PhD, Superintendent, Peabody/Salem Schools (ret)

Executive Director, NE Association of School Superintendents (ret) 


“The authenticity, challenges, and hopefulness captured in Blake Works’ The Pandemic and Kids’ Mental Health inspired our families to honestly share their own pandemic experiences in “watch parties” we held which featured the videos. Families gained tools they can use to support children now and in the future. We’re grateful for this resource, which adds structure, energy, and richness to our ongoing dialogue with families.”

Allison D. Webster

Head of School

Dedham Country Day School

“In The Pandemic and Kids' Mental Health, children describe how openly expressing their feelings frees them up emotionally. The mental health experts help us learn to start important conversations to support children as they face pandemic re-entry, re-connect with friends, and self-regulate their own emotions. This valuable tool can bring groups of parents together to learn proven strategies that will help them address and discuss issues in their own children."

James Marini

Former Interim Superintendent of Schools

Brookline, MA

“Watching these stories, I felt less alone in my experience as a mom in the pandemic. And I have a new understanding of what my children are feeling. There’s something in each story I relate to.”  

Laura, Healthcare researcher

Mother of three

“Where did you find these amazing kids who discuss their feelings so well!? I see my own kids in the episodes. The best part is the concrete advice from doctors. Great job organizing the discussion of problem vs. concrete advice in the interviews.” 

Jen, CEO

Mother of four

“It’s a relief to learn by viewing The Pandemic and Kids’ Mental Health that other families are going through similar things we are. I appreciate the excellent strategies for talking with kids. My oldest child is experiencing a lot of anxiety. Now I find that simple conversations help allay her worries.”

Mike, Engineer

Father of two