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The Pandemic and Kids' Mental Health


Jeanne Blake

Founder, Blake Works

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Welcome to The Pandemic and Kids' Mental Health.

As a leadership advisor and coach, I’ve heard many clients candidly describe the significant stress of juggling work and family responsibilities. McLean Hospital – Harvard’s largest mental health facility – where I’m a trustee, predicted a dramatic increase in demand for mental health treatment, which included for children of all ages.  

Mental health experts say the long-term effects on children will depend on how parents, communities and schools choose to support them.

That’s why Blake Works created three 20-minute video episodes in which children and parents describe the challenges they’re facing. Leading mental health experts frame the issues and offer strategies for building resilience and supporting children now and after the pandemic ends. We encourage you to view all three videos. You'll find insight into children of all ages.

Accompanying each video are downloadable Tips and Strategies to reinforce key messages. We also provide the actual words you can use to start and continue vital conversations with the children in your life. We’re grateful to Dr. Paula K. Rauch, a Massachusetts General Hospital child psychiatrist, who serves as our advisor.  

When communities work together, children can come through these uncertain times safe and resilient, and better prepared to face future challenges in life.  

Please stay well,

Jeanne Blake

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