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Leadership Advisor

Successful leaders effectively communicate their vision and strategy. Whether you’re seeking to sharpen your communication skills or are confronting a specific business challenge, we can help. We listen and strategize with you to identify the most effective way to influence all key audiences. And we help you strengthen and refine your communication skills so you lead with confidence.

Experience: Jeanne advises leaders seeking the guidance and skills they need to meet the demands of their challenging roles. For example

Presentation Training

Gain the skills you need to convey your ideas clearly and concisely in one-to-one conversations and before small and large groups. Whether you’re preparing for an investor roadshow, high-stakes sales presentation or a TED Talk, our training will help you connect with – and influence – all key audiences. Read about “Mastering the Art of High-Impact Presentations” customized workshops for teams and for individual leaders.

Experience: Jeanne has trained leaders from many types of organizations to master verbal and non-verbal communication skills. For example

Brand Messaging

Forge an emotional connection with your key audiences through brand messaging that differentiates your company. Here’s how we’re different: As seasoned journalists, we ask the right questions to elicit specific information that sets you apart from our competition – and then we craft clear, crisp messaging to articulate your brand identity. We create key messages, elevator pitches and positioning statements for use with internal and external audiences.

Experience: Jeanne and her team have created messaging for many organizations. For example

Media Training

Custom tailored training can dramatically change your comfort and effectiveness with TV, print, and radio journalists. Blake Works will help you create clear, concise messaging and maximize your media presence.

Experience: Jeanne has enabled leaders in many types of organizations to master their verbal and non-verbal communication skills. For example

Keynote Presentations

Jeanne’s interactive, multimedia keynote presentations are based on scientifically proven strategies. At national sales conferences and company off-sites your teams will learn how to connect with clients and colleagues and how to earn and build their trust.

Experience: Jeanne has delivered keynotes for global companies in many industries. For example

Facilitating and Moderating

Complex, sensitive issues require skilled, sophisticated facilitation. Blake Works can moderate your corporate off-site events, in-house Town Hall meetings and important conferences with clear focus, tact and diplomacy.

Experience: Jeanne has facilitated corporate off-sties and facilitated annual meetings. For example

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News & Information

Jeanne Blake is an accomplished leadership communication coach, author, and award-winning science and medical television journalist. She is a frequent guest speaker for corporations and is considered a thought leader on health care issues, the media industry, and communications tactics and strategies.

April 29, 2015

Bold Leaders Speak Out in USA TODAY Column by Blake Works President, Jeanne Blake

Bold leaders listen carefully, are resourceful and communicate constantly. Three CEOs tell how they overcame a challenge by exercising these qualities … read more

November 25, 2014

Mayor Menino’s Bold Leadership

Tom Menino wasn’t considered the most reflective guy around, which is why he sometimes got accused of lacking “the vision thing.” But when I sat down with him this fall, the Mayor talked at length about his own leadership style. It turned out to be one of the last interviews he granted. The topic was “What makes a bold leader?” – part of a series I’m doing on the topic … read more

October 23, 2014

Boston Globe Publishes Op-Ed by Blake Works President, Jeanne Blake on”Ebola and AIDS — How to Avoid a Replay”

The Ebola crisis in Dallas may be over. But cases in West Africa are pushing 20,000 and doubling every few weeks. So public health experts warn Ebola is likely to pop up here again, despite all the airport screening and travel restrictions designed to stop it. That means we can expect more irrational fears among Americans about catching this fearsome virus. It all takes me back three decades to the early years of the AIDS pandemic… read more