Mastering the Art of High-Impact Presentations

In our popular interactive program Mastering the Art of High-Impact Presentations you’ll gain skills to influence and persuade key audiences – in one-to-one conversations and small and large groups.

You’ll develop strategies for sharing your ideas, vision and story with authenticity and confidence.

Our program design is based on the latest research about verbal and non-verbal communication. Leaders and aspiring leaders learn to hone and master these techniques:

Cultivating your executive presence
Knowing and connecting with your audience
Developing key messages
Mapping your story
Telling your story with visuals
Internalizing your message for authentic delivery
Using verbal and non-verbal tactics to influence your audience
On-camera practice and critique

We offer
Customized half-day, full day and two day group sessions
One-to-one coaching

Presented by Jeanne Blake, president and founder of Blake Works, award-winning television journalist and news anchor, author and entrepreneur.

To schedule individual or group coaching sessions contact
Kettie MacLean Email: Telephone: 978.282.1663

What People Are Saying

“Jeanne’s deep understanding of how to present complex scientific information to diverse audiences was eye-opening and very helpful. She worked diligently with people from diverse backgrounds and improved our skills to help us execute a highly successful event.”
Jim Burns, Ph.D.
Head of the Sanofi-Genzyme R&D Center
Head of Sanofi’s Boston R&D Hub
“I loved working with Jeanne Blake. She is an outstanding executive coach and professional, who is full of insights and conversant with the world of medicine and science. She is enthusiastic, energetic, and thoughtful, and has an uncanny ability to push you to do your very best in a positive and encouraging manner. This helped me hone skills and develop new ones where lacking, while respecting my autonomy and refining my own style.”
Jose Florez, M.D., Ph.D.
Diabetes Unit
Center for Human Genetic Research
Massachusetts General Hospital
Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School
Associate Member, Broad Institute
“Jeanne has a unique gift for helping people organize and communicate complex information. Her extraordinary ability to distill key points from a sea of data enables me to fine-tune my message and create clear, focused presentations that truly engage the audience. By working with Jeanne I now find presenting a relaxed, enjoyable and fulfilling experience.”
John Bernard, M.D.
Clinical Study Director
Sanofi Oncology
“Jeanne helped me prepare for a high-stakes presentation. I was anxious – but she quickly identified why I was ‘stuck’ and taught me techniques to connect with my audience in a calm, engaging manner. One colleague called my presentation ‘brilliant.’ Coaching with Jeanne was an investment in my career.”
Susan Sarkis
Senior Enterprise Sales Leader
“Jeanne Blake’s ‘Mastering the Art of High-Impact Presentations’ was transformative. We learned to give vastly more dynamic and powerful presentations. Jeanne worked with each participant to develop tools to apply in various professional settings. I would take any course Jeanne offered, and strongly urge colleagues and friends to do the same.”
Kristin Russell, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital
MBA, Sloan School of Management
“Jeanne offered ‘Mastering the Art of High-Impact Presentations’ to a team of scientists and physicians at Harvard Medical School/Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The feedback was resoundingly positive. Scientists often dive into the details of a story, forgetting the gestalt. Jeanne taught how to transmit knowledge clearly and succinctly how to keep the audience interested. In a series of hands-on videotaped exercises, Jeanne also demonstrated how to use body language to our advantage.”
Emily Jacobs, PhD
Harvard Medical School
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
“I learned many new skills in ‘Mastering the Art of High-Impact Presentations.’ Jeanne is very knowledgeable about verbal and non-verbal communication and takes a personal interest in fit strategies to individuals. Thank you Jeanne. I found great value in this program.”
Kastoori Iyengar, MD
St. Vincent Medical Group
“Jeanne Blake is the best tutor one could hope for in the subject of ‘Mastering the Art of High-Impact Presentations.’ Her guidance helps me create presentations that effectively capture the audience’s attention. Her suggestions about the use of ‘right proportions of professional knowledge, medium of communication and body language’ are truly revealing.”
Srilatha Kodali, MD
Pelham Healthcare Associates
President-elect, Middlesex North District Medical Society